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Rivendell produces a premium turf of elite bluegrass varieties. It is drought tolerant, winter hardy, and disease resistant. Each variety is selected for performance characteristics including early spring green-up, late fall dormancy, and dark green color.

Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is an exceptional turf grass that can survive harsh winters here in the mountains, thrive at low mowing heights on a golf tee box, and maintain lush growth in a heavily used public park.

- A single roll of sod measures 18 inch wide x 6 feet long and covers 9 square feet (ft²).

- 45 rolls on a full pallet covering 405 ft².

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6 Inch Raw Roll Top Untreated Steel Edging$17.50

Our 6 inch by 10 foot raw edging makes it easy to create a functional and attractive delineation between your lawn an...

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AM Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife - Original$38.10

We redesigned our Classic Soil Knife to make it even better! We make the blade of the Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife using...

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Black Gold All-Purpose Potting Mix$27.90

Usage: Vegetables and Herbs. Outdoor Containers. Indoor Containers. Houseplants. Hanging Baskets and Window boxes....

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Over 30+ Years in Business

Since 1989, Rivendell Distribution began a tradition of bringing high-quality sod and products to the Western Slopes with integrity and the highest degree of Quality.

Competitive Pricing

At Rivendell Distribution, we strive to offer the best quality products with the most competitive pricing in the Industry.

Wide Selection of Products

Whether you're a Garden Center, Contractor, or Retail customer, Rivendell has what you are looking for. If it's Soils, Mulches, Composts, Seeds, Tools, Fertilizers, Pond Supplies or Hardscape Supplies, we got it all!

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