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Woodace Longterm 18-5-10

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Woodace Longterm 18-5-10 now contains both Expo and IBDU! Longterm has 75% slow release nitrogen (Water Insoluble Nitrogen) from extra coarse IBDU and Methylene Ureas. Expo provides controlled released Potash from occluded Sulfate of Potash. This high WIN product is ideal for season long, single application feeding of landscape plants, trees and ground covers. Woodace Longterm can reduce labor costs by eliminating the need for multiple applications in one season. The extensive micro package includes Magnesium, Sulfur, Iron, and Manganese. Nutrient sources are selected to reduce the salt index allowing higher rates without burning.
  • A premium fertilizer for flower and shrub beds with NPK of 18-5-10.
  • For maintenance of existing trees, shrubs and flowers.
  • 72.8% Meth-Ex methylene urea for long term feeding.
  • 37.5% Expo slowly releases the potassium to the plant providing a steady source of potassium less likely to leach through the soil.
  • A combination of 1.6% Fe (iron), .3% Mn (manganese) and .5% Mg (Magnesium) to address micronutrient deficiencies.

Available In:

  • 50 Pound Bag (45/Pallet)