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Woodace ACRE 12-3-6

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 Woodace A.C.R.E. 12-3-6 is specially formulated for Azaleas, Conifers, Rhododendrons, and Evergreens that thrive in acidic soil. Woodace A.C.R.E. is also ideal for fertilizing plants where micronutrient availability is limited by high soil pH. Woodace A.C.R.E. will aid in maintaining a slightly acid soil pH which is ideal for most evergreens and foundation plants.

The Woodace product line offers a range of premium fertilizers, control products, and combination products for trees, shrubs, annual flowers and ground covers. Woodace products provide the ultimate complement to the professional care of landscape beds and ornamentals.
  • A premium fertilizer for flower and shrub beds with NPK of 12-3-6.
  • For maintenance of existing trees, shrubs and flowers.
  • For acid loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons, conifers and evergreens.
  • 70% Meth-Ex methylene urea for long term feeding.
  • A combination of 2.5% Fe (iron) and .5% Mn (manganese) to address micronutrient issues.

Available In:

  • 50 Pound Bag (45/Pallet)