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Therm X-70 Yucca Extract

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Our best spreader sticker! Totally natural irrigation and emitter cleaner contains:

  • 70% concentrated yucca extract.
  • Makes sprays stick to crop foliage.
  • Use 2-3 oz. / acre or 0.25 tsp/gal per foliar application when Therm X70 is applied alone or in combination with other foliar materials.
  • Product foams heavily and should be added last when being mixed in high agitation systems.
  • Can also be sprayed on the soil as a soil penetrant. 
  • Use at 16 oz per acre, or 1 tsp/5 gallons, once a year on good ground, twice a year on alkaline soil.
  • For preventing buildup in drip lines, apply 2 oz. / acre weekly.
  • Comes in a Quart or Gallon.

Active ingredients are steroid saponins-complex sugar structures which help plants assimilate nutrients.