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Spring Cropper Cover Crop Mix

Spring Cropper Mix is used for haying and grazing. Plant early spring when soil temperature is 40 degree or more.

  • 50 lbs/ acre.
  • 60% Oats.
  • 30% Forage Peas.
  • 4% Diakon Radish.
  • 4% Purple Top Turnip.
  • 2% Forage Rape.

Mix Contains:

Oats - A cool season, hardy, moderately drought tolerant annual cereal plant used primarily for livestock feed, as a cover or nurse crop, and for human consumption. Varieties are available for fall planting for mid-summer harvest, or spring planting and late summer harvest.

Forage peas - A cool-season legume crop. When planted as a fall crop they are a high nitrogen producer. As a spring crop they help combat weeds and produce nitrogen. When grown with a grain they can be a forage booster.

Diakon Radish - Extremely rapid germination and growth. Large deeply penetrating taproot. Cool season cover crop. It is related to rapeseed, canola, mustard and cabbage. Quickly decomposes residues. Has a high nutrient content.

Purple Top Turnip - A quick growing crop often used for fall and winter grazing. Turnips mature in 12-14 weeks. Turnips can be used to supplement a rotational grazing system. After eating the tops, cattle will then eat the tubers. Turnip leaves can under certain conditions can cause a blood disease in cattle, but the risk can be reduced or eliminated with proper management.

Forage Rape - A bright yellow flowering member of the mustard and cabbage family. Grown for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil and biodiesel. Rapeseed can be grown as a winter cover crop which limits the nitrogen run-off.

Available in: 

  • Comes by the pound and in pre-packaged 5 & 50 pound bags.