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ROOTS Fertilizer for Trees Soluble

Roots Fertilizer for Trees is a water-dispersible chemical and biological fertility product. Key elements are micronized so that PHC for Trees will not clog equipment. A new surfactant technology (RZ-3) helps the product to readily penetrate the soil. The chemically-based elements meet trees' nutrient needs immediately, while the beneficial microbes sustain fertility over the long term. 
  • A water dispersible fertilizer with NPK of 27-9-9.
  • For fertilization of trees.
  • U-Form urea formaldehyde for long term feeding.
  • A combination of .1% Fe (iron) and .05% Mn (manganese) to address micronutrient issues.
  • Contains beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, sea plant extract and humic acids to improve soil and plant health.
  • Sold in an 8 lbs. bag.

Available In:

  • 8 Pound Bag (5/Case)