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Organic Red Clover Seed

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Red Clover is a perennial native to Europe, Asia and Africa. It is known for its use as a spring purification herb. It makes a wonderful ingredient in herbal tea, adding a light, sweet flavor along with its abundant medicinal properties.

It may be integrated into a salve or balm and is traditionally used to support healthy skin, owing to its action as a lymphatic cleanse. This property also means that red clover can be used as part of a whole body cleanse, as it aids in detoxifying the blood.

The estrogen-like properties of some red clover constituents lead to its use in fertility-promoting formulae. Some studies have also shown that red clover may help to support cardiovascular health in women to a modest degree.

  • Origination: Native to Europe, Western Asia and northwest Africa.
  • Recommended Uses: Fodder crop, Culinary, Medicinal.
  • Height: Varies, under 1 foot up to just under 3 feet. (20-80 cm)
  • Hardiness: zones: USDA 3-11.
  • Flower Color: shades of pink to white.

Growing Instructions:

  • Red clover can tolerate poor soils, and does best in well-draining soil as long as it’s in part sun/part shade.
  • Moderate watering conditions are usually best, but red clover can survive droughts if its taproot is established.
  • Start outdoors after the last frost, making small indentions in the soil for the seeds (1/4 inch deep) and lightly covering the seeds with soil.
  • Make sure the seeds stay warm and damp for them to germinate, which usually takes a week.
  • Once established, red clover is hardy and will grow with moderate water and sunlight, and is relatively tolerant of drought and other conditions.

Available in: 

  • Comes by the pound and in pre-packaged 50 pound bags.