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Organic Cayuse Oat Seed

Cayuse oats are a cool season, annual cereal grain that is typically grown here in California for a cover crop or livestock feed.
  • Many of the farmers use this oat to bail oat hay from because it shows a 14% higher biomass production than California Red Oats.
  • Organic Cayuse forms a nice crop of oats that is easy to hand harvest because it grows about 6 foot tall.
We use Organic Cayuse oats for chicken feed, but the rest of the plant is perfect for horses, cows or goats. The ideal situation is to throw the entire shock of oats into the barnyard letting the ruminants eat the biomass and the chickens eating the grain that falls to the ground. Farm living done right!

Oats grow best in cool, moist climates, yet are adapted to many climatic extremes. It is an excellent winter cover crop in the South and in areas where winter freezes are not severe, like ours here in California.

Available in: 

  • Comes by the pound and in pre-packaged 50 pound bags.