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Little Giant - Waterfall/Filter Box

Little Giant biological waterfall filters 5000 to 10000 gph Dual Sided Input were created to help maintain a balanced ecosystem. These highly-efficient models use the latest filtration technology to decrease maintenance time and provide quick, tool-less access to the filters. Our units produce natural-flowing waterfalls, with all plumbing hidden.

Model Item No. Dimensions (Inches) Max. Flow Pipe Connection
WF5 571010 24.3 25.8 33.8 8.8 5000 gph 2 inch
WF10 571011 28.8 32.3 40.2 8.8 10000 gph 2 inch or 3 inch


Available in:

  • WF5/5000GPH
  • WF10/10000GPH