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Little Giant - Pressurized Biological Filter 6000GPH

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Little Giant 566883 PBF-6000 Pressurized Biological Filter uses two different types of media to filter the water in small ponds. This is an efficient tool for making a pond cleaner, clearer and healthier. This is used with Little Giant pumps, UV clarifiers, and skimmers for peak pond filtration. It includes bio-ball bags, filter assembly, O-ring, 2 1” hose adapters, a cap, a handle and 2 replacement hinges. This Little Giant 566883 PBF-6000 Pressurized Biological Filter can be installed above or underground. It handles a maximum flow of up to 6000 gph.

It features a grab-and-twist handle that allows cleaning of the filter sponge without the need of removing the filter lid. This feature allows easy filter maintenance, making it effortless to ensure proper operation. It boasts a biological filter media, bio-balls, that allow the growth of beneficial bacteria that breaks down pollutants. It also comes with a mechanical filter sponge with an improved capability to trap solid waste because of its high surface area.

More details are available in the specification sheets. The Little Giant 566883 PBF-6000 Pressurized Biological Filter is covered by a limited warranty of 36 months from purchase date. This product is recognized for meeting the required environmental performance standards. Little Giant and its parent company, Franklin Electric, have been making pumps for over 70 years. The quality, durability and dependability of their products have made them a world leader in pumps of virtually every variety.

Product Features

  • Fully Assembled With Biological Media, Unions And Specialty Bacteria.
  • Ideal For New Or Existing Large-Scale Applications.
  • Ideal For Ponds Up To 6000 Gallons.