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Little Giant - LED EggLite Green (2)

The Little Giant 566441 LXE2-G Extra LED Egglite gives added beauty to water fountains, ponds, landscaping, and other water features, especially during nighttime. It adds life and a touch of magic to your garden. This pond light, along with the relaxing sound of moving water, helps create a soothing effect; plus, it accents the garden with its tranquil colors. The kit includes two LED Egglites, three-way connector, and an O-ring packet.

This Little Giant 566441 LXE2-G Extra LED Egglite comes in an elegant green color. It has a compact lighting option and can be installed both underwater and out of pond. It comes with a 10’ power cord. It boasts its ability to be powered by the sun using the optional solar panel. The solar panel can power six lights. It is highly durable and made for lifetime use. More details are available in the specification sheet.

The Little Giant 566441 LXE2-G Extra LED Egglite is made in the United States of America. It is covered by a limited warranty of 12 months. It is recognized for meeting the required environmental performance standards. Little Giant and its parent company, Franklin Electric, have been making pumps for over 70 years. The quality, durability and dependability of their products have made them a world leader in pumps of virtually every variety.

Product Features

  • Includes: (2) Two LED Lights With 16 in Positionable Pliable Cords.
  • 10 feet Low Voltage Power Cord With 3-Way Outlet That Connects Lights to Transformer.
  • Light Color: Green.
  • Lighting Technology: LED.
  • Number of Lights: 2.
  • Type: Mini.
  • Usage: Used in or Out of Water.