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Little Giant - 20 Amp 115/230V Float Cut-Off Switch

Little Giant Low Water Auto Cut-Off Switch converts any manual pump (15 max. run amps), to automatic. It will automatically shut off the pump before expensive damage or complete burn up. For Universal installation the cut-off switch can be attached to a pipe with the cable ties provided. When the water goes below the switch it will shut off your submersible pump that is piggybacked to the electric outlet of the Little Giant Low Water Auto Cut-Off Switch. When the water level returns to normal levels, the switch will automatically restart power to the pump.

The 115V or 230V switch is supplied with a three prong piggyback plug/receptacle on the cord and must be used with pumps that have three prong plugs.  20' Power Cord. Requires 3 inch to 6 inch of water to work.
  • Low Water Auto Cut-Off Switch - 15 Amp.
  • Power Cord - 20 foot length.
  • One Year Warranty.