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Little Giant - 115 Volt Low Water Cut-Off Switch

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Little Giants Pump Cut-Off Switch is used to automatically turn off pump after skimmer bellows is closed and water level drops in skimmer basin. It automatically turns off pump if skimmer level drops due to dirty or clogged filter media. It can be mounted on multiple an array of little giant pumps using the provided screws or tie mounted on other pumps or pipes. The unit has a piggy-back plug for easy installation.

Advantages including:
  • Automatically Turn Off Pump.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Quick Piggy-Back Plugs.
  • When the water drops too low, the switch turns the pump off; when the water level comes back up the switch turns the pump back on.
  • The switch can be lifted out of the skimmer to turn off the pump, so the skimmer can be cleaned out.