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Leb Pro 30-0-10 SCU

  • A premium fertilizer control with an NPK of 30-0-10.
  • For general turf use.
  • Sulfur-coated urea, or SCU, fertilizers release nitrogen via water penetration through cracks and micropores in the coating. Once water penetrates through the coating, nitrogen release is rapid
  • Sulfur Coated Urea (SCU) was the first type of CRN to hit the market nearly 50 years ago. Sulfur is very effective at repelling water, however sulfur coatings are extremely brittle. The Sulfur coating fractures allowing water to find its way inside, the granule expands, further fracturing the sulfur coating. Once this occurs, dissolved urea flows out quickly. SCU works on the premise that some granules will take longer to fracture and release their nutrients than others. Over the course of time, this “mix” of release times results in continuous nitrogen feeding until the last granules have fractured. Most products have a wax that is applied atop the sulfur layer to slow the rate of nitrogen release by protecting the Sulfur layer. .
  • Please see label for specific information on application rates, timing and use.