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Knitted Truck Tarp

The Black Stallion Mesh tarps are ideally suited for a multitude of uses. Great for use as truck bed cover, shade cloth covers, netting, landscaping, lawn care and nurseries. Can also be used to catch debris as a pool cover.

  • 100% High density polyethylene monofilament mesh.
  • 500 Denier.
  • 6 oz./Square Yard.
  • UV resistant knitted shade cloth.
  • # 4 Solid brass grommets every 2 ft. around the hem.
  • Double stitched along hem.
  • 2 inch reinforced webbing along hem.

Cut Size: Indicates fabric used before manufacture. Due to over lapped hems, which adds strength, actual size is 4 inch to 6 inch less in each dimension.