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Hydro-PAM tackifier

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PAM HT is our acrylamide copolymer (poly acrylamide) tackifier that gives coverage, convenience and economy in one. As a synthetic element it can persist longer in the environment than organic based tackifiers. Compare its price and coverage to the organic based tackifiers on the market.

  • It is highly concentrated, 3 lbs. will cover one acre.
  • It is available in 3 lb. plastic bottles or 55 lb. bags.

Uses for PAM HT:

  • Hydroseeding tackifier - add to slurry at a rate of 3 lbs./ acre, or more if on sloping ground.
  • Straw tackifier - add to hydro mulching slurry at 3 to 6 lbs. /acre in conjunction with 500 lbs. of hydroseeding mulch and 1,000 gallons of water. In high wind areas the straw mulch should be crimped before applying the straw tacking agent.
  • Dust Control agent - add to spray tank or hydroseeding tank according to specifications or site condition.

Directions for use: 

Add PAM HT to the hydroseeding mixing tank after all the other materials have been added, shake PAM HT to disburse evenly, do not add it too fast. Then agitate thoroughly. Read and follow directions and precautions carefully before using this product.