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Harington Freestanding Wall 3 Piece Set

The Harington Freestanding series includes three sizes of solid trapezoidal wall blocks, a modulating corner / column block, and two double-split cap options to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements while remaining simple to construct. Blending seamlessly with Harington retaining walls, Harington Freestanding blocks are a trusted favorite of specifiers, installers, and owners alike.

  • Rugged exterior evokes the look and feel of naturally weathered stone.
  • Install with polyurethane construction adhesive.
  • Split on opposite faces for maximum flexibility.
  • Versatile uncored block makes jobsite sawing and splitting easy.
  • Made of durable concrete with iron oxide pigments that resist fading in extended UV exposure. Meets or exceeds applicable requirements of ASTM C1372.


    • Units per Pallet: 40 Pieces.
    • Pallet Covers: 30 square feet.
    • Pallet Weight: 3,120 pounds.
    • Color: Winter Blend.

    Please call for other color availabilities and special orders*