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Guar Gum Tackifier

EcoTac Guar GG-1200 is a premium tackifier. It is a natural organic material derived from the guar plant (Cyanopsis tetragonoloba). EcoTac Guar GG-1200 is highly effective in hydroseeding/mulching applications and in tacking straw.

EcoTac Guar GG-1200 is a planned granulation of superior quality guar. The specifically sized particles are screened to specifications proven best for job site field use. The quality of EcoTac Guar GG-1200 is consistent lot to lot and is lab tested for uniformity. This natural polysaccharide contains no additives and remains unaltered for proper hydration in its natural state. Such purity means a guar tackifier with maximum life and sticking power.

  • Application Rate: 60 pounds per acre.