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Fiskars Brush Axe

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A great choice for the outdoor enthusiast who has a lot of clearing to do, this brush axe features a precision-ground 9 inch steel blade with a rust-resistant, low-friction coating to rip through underbrush and wood with speed and ease. The tough Dura Frame handle is lightweight for easy handling and multiplied swing speed, yet strong and durable for lasting value. The insert-molded design means the blade won't loosen or separate from the handle. Includes a safety sheath for convenient storage and transportation.


  • 9 inch blade is ideal for clearing brush, cutting trails, stripping logs and felling small trees.
  • Curved blade great for pull-cutting.
  • One-handed use leavers your other hand free to grab and pile cuttings, unlike cutting tools that require a two-handed grip.
  • Hardened steel blade is precision-ground to cut with less effort.
  • Rust-resistant, low-friction coating glides through tough materials without sticking.
  • Fiber Comp handle is lightweight for increased swing speed and durable for lasting value.
  • Inseparable, insert-molded blade won't loosen or fly off.
  • Includes sheath for safe storage and transportation.
  • Lifetime warranty.