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FilterFalls Spillway Filter Box

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Atlantic FilterFalls biomechanical filters remove suspended solids, convert toxic ammonia and nitrites to harmless nitrates and aerate the pond. Atlantic's FilterFalls are designed to be able to expand filter capacity as ponds age and fish grow. Efficient removal of toxins and floating particles from the water column improves water quality and clarity. The oversized chamber contains more media material to start with, it upgrades with additional filtration when needed and offers more choices of optional filtration media. The overhanging weir with a drip edge, eliminates leaking due to silicone seal failure. Multiple bulkhead locations allow maximum versatility in plumbing the FilterFalls. Its reinforced body prevents warping and deformation for years of worry-free service. The support bars accommodate heavier stone and gravel for ease in camouflaging. Atlantic’s FilterFalls includes an installation kit, male thread adapter and a one-piece liner flange. The BF2600 features a heavy-duty removable top grate that supports rock camouflage. The support bars add stability and reinforce the top grate.
The Media Bag for Bio-Tech Media, Bio-Balls and Bio-Rocks provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria. The dual Bio-Tech filter mats support both mechanical and biological filtration. The sturdy bottom grate supports the filter media and the rolled upper rim provides clean lines with grease strength. A 2” heavy-duty FIPT bulkhead supports high flow rates. The bottom chamber accepts bulkheads on all sides, while the bottom cones inside reduce the surface area for back flushing. it has a one-piece liner glance that allows easy, a leak-free attachment of the FilterFalls to the pond liner. The solid lip and molded inserts ensure a watertight liner attachment every time. The BF2600 has a waterfall width of 26”, a pump flow range of 4,000-6,000 GPH and a pond volume of up to 4,000 gallons. It matches to the PS7000 and has a lifetime (enclosure) warranty.