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El Primero Garden Organic-Based

El Primero (10-4-4) is an organic fertilizer manufactured in Colorado for the soils and climate of Colorado. The homogenous nutrient balance provides the plant-ready nutrients in a natural time-release for an extended availability to plants.

Only the highest quality and the safest materials are used to make El Primero. The exact measurement of it's components guarantees the consistency of it's performance. The El Primero formulation develops a uniform flower-to-foliage ratio without the typical lush growth syndrome following application of chemical fertilizers. The organic amino acids of El Primero counter the high pH (alkaline) calcareous soils of our Rocky Mountain region creating a better soil quality for all varieties of garden plants.

Application Rate:

  • 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet.
  • El Primero contains no manures, sludge or waste materials.
  • Comes in a 40 pound bag.