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Dramm Touch 'n Flow Pro 36 Inch Hanging Basket Rain Wand

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The Touch‘N Flow Rain Wand efficiently saves water while watering plants, flowers and shrubbery. The Touch‘N Flow Rain Wand is equipped with a lever activated valve. Simply squeeze the lever to water and release the lever to stop watering while moving from one plant to the next. A must-have in water restricted areas. Plus, with the bright color options, it will no longer be lost in your lawn. The 36-inch hanging basked Wand, available in blue, is great for watering hanging baskets and cleaning gutters; Lifetime Guarantee to the consumer. Any of the Touch‘N Flow colors can be color coordinated with Dramm’s ColorStorm Premium Rubber Hose.

  • Gentle, full flow for quick watering.
  • Lever Activated Valve.
  • Ergonomic insulated grip.
  • 36-inch Touch‘N Flow Pro Hanging Basket Wand is available in blue.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee to the consumer.