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Dramm Sunrise 36 Inch Hanging Basket Rain Wand

The Sunrise Rain Wand is great for container and garden bed watering. This lightweight Rain Wand provides a gentle, full-flow shower for flowers that won’t wash away soil or harm tender plants. The Sunrise Rain Wand has a comfortable foam grip and a large, easy-to-use shut-off valve, perfect for wet and slippery finger. The 36 inch Hanging Basket Wand, available in blue, is great for watering hanging basket and cleaning gutters.

  • Lifetime guarantee. 
  • The Dramm Hanging Basket Wand utilizes a 90° bend and narrow water stream spray pattern allow you to water precisely at an extended reach. 
  • Great for hanging baskets and cleaning gutters. 
  • Made from aluminum alloy, impact resistant plastic, brass, foam grip.
  • Made in the USA.