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Dewitt Bulk Container Bags

The DeWitt Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, (FIBC) is a standardized container in large dimension for storing and transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand, fertilizers, mulch and rock. The DeWitt FIBC container is manufactured from quality woven polypropylene and tested to meet tear and UV resistance standards, making it strong, durable and reusable. DeWitt’s FIBC bulk bags are routinely used by landscapers, contractors, manufacturers and distributors to transport, protect and store up to 2,000 pounds, or 1-ton of dry goods.


Item# Description UPC SCC WT CI PK PK/CS
FIBC 2000 2000 LB BULK CONTAINER BAG 042579822386 2.5 756.25 1
FIBC 3400 CUBIC YARD CONTAINER BAG 042579822904 3.6 1