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AlphaLawn Organic-Based Winterizer 12-4-4-2Fe-4S

Turf Winterizer 12-4-4-2Fe-4S is an organic fertilizer manufactured in Colorado for the soils of the Rocky Mountain states. This turf food has a homogenous nutrient balance that provides plant ready nutrients in a natural time release for an extended availability to the turf.

AlphaLawn Turf Winterizer applied in the fall will enhance the turf, roots and soil foundation for not only the fall health, but an earlier growth and health for the following spring. The stored nutrient reserves in the root zone of your lawn will be plant ready when the soil thaws and spring arrives. The earlier spring root and leaf growth and resulting turf density will provide the foliage cover that will minimize spring weed seed germination.

AlphaLawn Turf Winterizer will condition and loosen compacted clay soils, deepen and strengthen root systems and develop greater plant drought tolerance for the spring and summer ahead.

The organic amino acids in AlphaLawn Turf Winterizer will counteract the alkalinity of the calcareous soils of our Rocky Mountain region creating a better soil environment for all varieties for turf grasses.

Application Rate:

  • 6 - 8 pounds per 1,000 square feet.
  • AlphaLawn Turf Winterizer contains no manures, sludge or waste materials.
  • Comes in a 40 Pound Bag.