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Air Manifolds

6 way and 12 Way Aquarium Manifolds.

  • Use the 6 way or 12 way air manifolds for aquariums or ponds that need a lot of small air stones in various locations around the pond. These are only 1/8 inch  barbs and can restrict the air flow if too few outlets are used.
  • If insufficient outlets are used for the air flow, it can cause the pump to run hot and could wear out the rubber diaphragms sooner than desired.
  • The pump will still work but the diaphragm lifetime is shorter.
  • Use 6 way only for Hakko 25. Use all 6 outlets.
  • Use 12 way for Hakko 40 to 60. Use all 12 outlets.
  • Use two 12 way for HK80L.
  • Use three 12 way for HK100 or HK120L.

Plastic Air Manifolds

  • Use the 4 way or 8 way plastic air manifolds for salt water. The salt won't erode the plastic as quickly.
  • Use 4 way only for Hakko 25. Use all 4 outlets
  • Use 8 way for Hakko 40 to 60. Use all 8 outlets.