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Harington Freestanding Corner Wall 3 Piece Set

A complete line of Cap, Corner, and Step units adds the finishing touch to any retaining or freestanding wall project. With an extensive selection of split faces, shapes, and unit dimensions to visually and structurally integrate with different wall systems, these blocks are designed to meet a wide range of applications and are manufactured to the same high standards as the corresponding wall blocks.

  • Rugged exterior evokes the look and feel of naturally weathered stone.
  • Install with polyurethane construction adhesive.
  • Designed to complement 6 inch height x 18 inch width wall blocks.
  • Versatile uncored block makes jobsite sawing and splitting easy.
  • Made of durable concrete with iron oxide pigments that resist fading in extended UV exposure. Meets or exceeds applicable requirements of ASTM C1372.


  • Height: 6 Inches.
  • Depth: 9 Inches.
  • Width: 18 Inches.
  • Units per Pallet: 40 Pieces.
  • Pallet Covers: 30 square feet.
  • Pallet Weight: 3,120 pounds.
  • Color: Winter Blend.

Please call for other color availabilities and special orders*