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Nutricote 13-11-11

Nutricote Controlled Release Fertilizer.

Nutricote technology provides predictable homogeneous release of fertilizer with every watering.  Complete N-P-K with micronutrient formulations are most favored by orchid growers.  It will not flash release when temperatures go above 85 degrees.  We feature the following fertilizer formulations.

  • All Purpose 18-6-8 TOTAL with Micronutrients, 180 days release for flowering ornamentals.  
  • 16-5-11 CORE, 90 day release for foliage, trees, palms and perennials.
  • 13-11-11 TOTAL with Micronutrients for Orchids and Bromeliads.  
  • 14-4-14 TOTAL-Z with 4 times extra Iron for deep green color in ornamentals and better development of seedlings.
  • All formulations are available in 1 Lb., 5 Lbs., and 50 Lbs. packages.  
  • The 18-6-8 is also available in convenient hanging pouches (aka meatballs) for plants mounted in trees or hanging Vandas.  See our plastic fertilizer dispensers for another option.