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About Rivendell Distribution & Sod, Inc.

Rivendell Distribution and Sod Farm, Inc. is part of a 500 acre, family-owned ranch in the heart of Spring Valley near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We began in 1989 with the goal of producing a top quality bluegrass sod that would thrive in the arid, mountainous areas of the Western Slope. Over time, we saw a need to provide our customers with a few specialized fertilizers and amendments to optimize their landscaping endeavors. Rivendell discovered, from our initial product offerings, that the landscapers and family nurseries of the Western Slope were sorely underserved. Our wholesale business has continued to develop to better meet the needs of our unique mountain markets, and we are committed to providing expert assistance and superior products to our customers.

Rivendell’s sod operation continues to be at the heart of our operation with production currently at 125-acres. We are located around 7000ft on a high sun-drenched plateau with rich, ancient lake bottom topsoil and a constant flow of natural artesian spring water, all of which combine to produce fantastic turf grass.

As the only wholesale distributor fully dedicated to serving Colorado’s Western Slope we are excited to offer products from over 40 vendors to the region's horticultural and landscape professionals. Rivendell has special sales programs tailored to landscape contractors, nursery/garden centers, and municipality/golf courses. With our full-time sales staff and dedicated fleet of specialized delivery trucks, we know we can work together to meet your business objectives. Please feel free to call us at 970-945-2568 or 866-248-1880 or email us at office@rivendelldistribution.com.

Rivendell Sod Farm Front Desk

Rivendell Distribution
& Sod Farm Inc.
3961 County Road 114
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

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